Dec 2010

Bath time!

It’s bath time! Today’s review is regarding an inflatable tub we’ve been using for our son for over a year now. After our son outgrew the plastic baby tub and needed something to sit straight up in. We tried a couple of baby bath tubs and finally tried out this inflatable rubber ducky tub that we picked up at Target, and what a great purchase this has turned out to be.

This is the
Munchkin Inflatable Safety Duck Tub.

IMG_1273 .IMG_1270


As you can see, it takes up most of the tub space, but it only uses a fraction of the water compared to filling up the tub itself. The nose has a device that when squeezed will make a quacking sound. It’s made with two air filled reservoirs, one for the sides and head and another for the base. I like the fact that the base is inflated because this also provides cushioning for our son when sitting. Plus with it being made of rubber, it isn’t a slippery surface when standing up. According to Munchkin, they call it the safety duck because it’s got a temperature patch (seen as the blue dot in the bottom of the duck) which turns white when hot water comes in contact. Personally, even warm water will turn it white, so I’ve grown to ignore the patch and just feel the water out.

An important comment is that you can’t just sit it below the faucet to fill. As you can see, the head and tail gets in the way, so you’ll need to fill it by hand. We use a small bucket which takes a couple minutes to fill the duck so for me, it’s no big deal.

This is actually our second duck. The first one sprung a very slow leak. I tried to use a repair kit but the leak was right on the seam where I couldn’t get a good patch on. But for $15, we just bought a new one, and it’s been going great.

Oh and when it’s not being used as a bath tub, we used it once as an ice chest holding drinks for a birthday party!