Nov 2010

Snot Sucker (aka nose bulb or aspirator)

Babies with running noses just break your heart.  Whether the noses are runny or stopped up, we feel for our little ones because they can't do much about it.  Not sure at what age we can teach them to blow their nose... Until then, we, as parents are left with figuring out ways to assist.  Everywhere you look, at most pharmacies or baby stores, we all see the infamous bulb syringe. 


It's a simple device, but I was always worried about how effective it really was?  And how do I go about cleaning this thing?  We purchased another one that could come apart to clean, but everytime we squeezed it to use, it fell apart at the seam.

One day my wife did some research and found this device by NoseFrida called "
The Snotsucker Nasal Aspiratorir".  Essentially, instead of the bulb doing all the sucking, your mouth is.  Sounds a bit gross, but it's quite effective.  You have control over the strength of the suction and it's easily cleaned.  What it does not solve is having your baby sit still while you stick something up his nose.

nose1 nose2

Here's the breakdown of the device.  It comes in it's own protective case for travel and safe keeping.  The aspirator is 4 parts, the mouth piece, the hose, the tube, and a filter.  The mouth piece is obvious, that's the part you suck on.  The hose (13" long) connects between the mouth piece and the tube (5" long).  Inside where the tube connects to the hose is a filter.  This filter is a sponge that you can clean.  (The product comes with 3 spare filters.)


I have to be honest, I don't have the stomach to use this.  I've tried a couple times and I start gagging.  It's mental, I know.  But when my wife uses it, it works like a champ!  Once done, I just take it apart and run it under the sink with warm water and it's clean.  It's also recommended (and by our pediatrician) that you use a bit of saline solution to loosen up the snot.  We tried applying using drops, but for our baby the best way was to spray up into the nostril.  Regardless of the methods, our baby doesn't care too much for the process.  I wouldn't want anyone squirting liquid up my nose, then having it sucked out.  If anyone out there has a better solution, I'd love to hear about it!